Thursday, December 30, 2010

Week 1

My first week is over. Actually it was a real piece of cake because I was a little ill at that time. But I still smoked some cigarettes at that time. The year 2011 is coming tomorrow and I hope to quite this smoking habit totally. Beginning of the 2010 I managed to stop smoking about 5 weeks. So let’s hope it will last longer this time.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Hello guys, I'm 21 years old. This is my blog. I’ll write about my journey how I abstain from masturbation for one year. I also quite my smoking addict and set a workout program. I’ll do 3 times per week workout. I know that 1 year is a long time but I have my own reasons why I took this journey and I will finish it.

Why so? If you ejaculate then you waste your energy. Instead of wasting it I could do something better and useful with it like making more money and workout.

The mind is unable to tell the difference between an imagined reality and reality itself. When a guy masturbates, his mind believes porn to be real and how the world works. The mind over generalizes and links things together in groups. Porn trains the man to give his power away to women. Jerking to porn is a double edge sword: On the one hand it feels good but on the other hand it reinforces the fact that the guy can’t get sexual pleasure from a real woman and is forced to watch porn.

- more time
- more energy
- better relationships with woman
- more energy and motivation to make more money
- more energy and motivation to start workout
- less tired

Anyway I’ll update every week. So keep an eye on me.
Also feel free to comment and share your thoughts!